What is it?

Get rid of all your unwanted tattoos with our state-of-the-art Laser tattoo removal. Using the industry’s safest and most innovative technology to make your tattoo just a distant memory

What is the procedure like?

Laser tattoo removal is the process of using one or more laser wavelengths and a special laser to reduce the visibility of a tattoo by about 90%. The laser shatters the tattoo’s pigment and the body expels the pigment itself. Surface pigments flake off the skin, while the body consumes and eliminates particles found beneath the skin.


  • Less painful treatments
  • Less downtime, ( swelling, blistering and scabbing)
  • Faster recovery time after treatment
  • Less damage to the skin
  • Effective on all colours of the tattoo, even greens, and blues


Most clients do not face any serious complications post the procedure as laser tattoo removal is a minimally invasive procedure. If any they could face-

  • Ghosting
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Scarring
  • Infection


  • How long does Laser Tattoo removal take?

Since everybody is different the ability of one's body to expel the broken-up ink may vary from person to person. Hence laser tattoo removal is a gradual process. 

  • Will the tattoo disappear completely with Laser tattoo removal?

It is important to remember that the client’s tattoo won't simply ‘disappear’ but eventually fade over the course of every session. Hence the removal sessions are generally scheduled every 6 to 8 weeks.

  • How long will it take to recover from laser tattoo removal?

It takes 7 days to heal from laser tattoo removal. Patients typically require 6-9 treatments for best results.

  • Is laser tattoo removal painful?

Many patients report little or no discomfort, comparing the treatment to the snapping of an elastic band on the skin. In the hours following, you may notice that your skin is slightly sore, possibly even red; this can be relieved with a cool compress.

  • Can laser tattoo removal remove coloured tattoos?

Laser Tattoo Removal can treat all ink colours including black and multicoloured inks. Lasers may need further sessions to target larger or more stubborn areas