What is it?

Laser hair removal is one of the most commonly practiced cosmetic procedures for effective hair removal. It beams highly concentrated light into hair follicles. The pigment present in the hair follicles absorbs the light. 

Our lasers are used to remove hair from unwanted areas like-

  • Face
  • Leg
  • Chin
  • Arm, etc.


  • Our lasers are Precise
  • It saves time
  •  You save money in the long run
  • Helps eliminate ingrown hairs

What is the procedure like?

Laser Hair removal is conducted over several sittings done at regular intervals. The approximate number of sittings that will be required, will be discussed with you during consultation. 

Helpful tip!

It is best, if you have had no sun exposure, have no active skin infection, or have started a new skincare regime, at the time of your treatment. 

When do I see the results?

You will see good visible results in approximately 4 to 6 sittings, while the best results are achieved in 8-12 sittings

Post-treatment care tips

  • Cool compresses may help the sensitive skin
  • Direct sunlight must be avoided for the next 2-3 days
  • Using makeup creates a protective layer over your skin which is beneficial when applied using your fingers  instead of a brush/sponge
  • Moisturizers and sunscreens should be used liberally

Helpful tip!

It is recommended to wear sunscreen for the following month to help prevent temporary changes in the color of the treated skin.


What are the risks?

The lasers do not remove the skin, so there are very low risks.

Is it painful?

Laser hair removal is no more painful than waxing. If you have sensitive skin, there are numbing creams that can be used to make the experience more comfortable.

How many treatments are needed?

The number of treatments varies from person to person, but ideally, it will take approximately six to eight treatments to achieve a full clear area

How does the laser remove the hair?

The lasers emit light at a specific wavelength that will be absorbed by the pigment of the hair follicle without damaging the skin around it.