What is it?

It is a clinical condition where patients suffer from spotty pigmentation on their faces, which is a social stigma and reduces a patient’s confidence. After clinical dermatoscopic diagnosis, patients can rid of it with multiple treatment options like medications, skincare, diet, and lifestyle management, effective and sharp results can be only achieved with “Laser”, “Chemical Peel” 

How is it performed?

The laser freckle removal procedure works by targeting the melanin in the skin. Laser light is selectively absorbed and breaks the freckle pigments down into small particles and removes them from the skin as part of the natural skin process.


  • Safe
  • Very effective
  • Performed by a dermatologically-trained professional


  • Are there any disadvantages of Laser Freckle Removal?

There are no such ‘disadvantages’ of Laser Freckle removal, The entire process can be slightly time-consuming to obtain the desired end-product

  • How much time is required for one procedure?

One session is about 15-20minutes

  • What is the minimum gap between 2 procedures?

To obtain good results, a gap of 3-5 weeks is required

  • How many sittings are required?

Usually, about 4-8 sessions are required, but the number can vary depending on the case

  • Is the procedure painful?

Since pain is relative, it is described as a minor pinpricking sensation

  • What is the standard recovery time?

Usually, it takes about 1-2 days to recover