Acne scars are troublesome and often affect patient’s social stigma, and are the end results of severe and chronic acne [pimples]. Treatment is possible after thorough clinical analysis with active acne preventing medications and clinical procedures like “Mesoporation”, “Dermaroller”, “Chemical Peel” and “Lasers”.


Baldness is a common ailment in both males and females. We treat it after thorough trichoscopic analysis of scalp and hairs. Few result giving options opted here are “Mesotherapy” [Non-needle based], “PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma” therapy. Expected results like hair fall control, Re-growth of new hairs, restoring the normal thickness of existing hairs, can be assured as per the clinical condition of patients. Many Herbal medications specially devised after research done at our centre are provided to get side-effect free and consistent results.


It is a condition where patients lose their hairs in patches mostly on scalp and rarely areas other than scalp. This can be treated effectively at our clinic with lasers and injectable and herbal medications.


Acne are of many types and are common ailments seen in all age groups, thorough dermatoscopic analysis is done and appropriate skin care with medications is adviced, for better and effective results, procedures are done which includes “Chemical Peel”, “Laser”, “PRP”, “Mesoporation”, these procedures help patients to get results in a short period of time with no side-effects of harmful medications.


Often people suffer from disproportionate body shape either due to weight gain, or weight loss, or after pregnancy or after faulty dieting. Conditions suited for treating are double chin, hanging belly, buttocks, arms, thighs, chicks…Best desired results can be achieved with non-invasive cavitation and RF machine, effective in cellulite reduction, skin tightening, and wrinkle reduction on face and body.


Dandruff is an end result of a clinical condition called “Seborrhoea”, which can treated after thorough trichoscopic analysis and evaluation of scalp and hairs, and scalp care, diet, medications, without any side-effects.


It is clinical condition where patients suffer from spotty pigmentation on face, which is a social stigma and reduces patient’s confidence. After clinical dermatoscopic diagnosis, patients can rid of it with multiple treatment options like medications, skin care, diet and lifestyle management, effective and sharp results can be only achieved with “Laser”, “Chemical Peel”…


Fresh, Glowing and healthy skin is everybody’s dream, but in our clinic we focus on getting the patient healthy, because glowing is not only good looks but is a sign of ultimate health overall. It is treated here with multiple treatment options like diet, lifestyle management, skin care, active medications, and “glutathione injections”, “Laser”, “Chemical Peels” for safer and long lasting results...